Eyo ngonia, Antje?

Goodbye Hessen
August 9, 2009, 12:31 pm
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Tour de Lahn

Last week, Benny and I spent two days on our bikes exploring the beautiful Lahn valley…

lahn anfangWeilburg… second day

We had a wonderful time, it’s really an awesome trail if you’re into biking (and not aiming for records). 250 km of romantic river banks and not too many steep parts.

A nice way to say goodbye to my home area… and my boyfriend


Goin’, goin’, gone!
August 2, 2009, 10:23 pm
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Uganda- Preparation groupAbove, you can see a picture of our fabulous Uganda group during my preparational camp in Thuringia. 9 days we spent working intensively on our intercultural understanding and now, I really feel prepared to go!!! It was a pretty exhausting time, but at the same time extremely fascinating. I don’t think I ever met so many caring, intelligent and interesting people in one place. Altogether, we were about 50 people going to Ruanda, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam and of course Uganda.

Unfortunately, not all “Ugandans” were there, so I still don’t know my colleague in Rhino (I think it’s a guy since he’s supposed to look after the cars). But I am looking forward to the weekends with Lars and Richard in Arua.

August 17th early at 8 I am leaving good old Germany (again) for a year, heading to Kampala for another preparational camp before I’ll get to my final destination in the North.

Well, there still are some things to do like packing, eating pills (malaria and calcium) and enjoying the more or less cool German summer days (and nights!) with my loved ones.

But finally we are getting started!!