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September 25, 2009, 1:07 pm
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So, last week we were extremely busy (YES!!!) helping the UNHCR staff with their bi-annual verification of the refugees, which meant that we were interviewing, photographing and fingerprinting all the refugees in the two settlements here (Imvepi and Rhino Camp). I don’t know the total number, but it did not exceed 5000, so really most of the refugees have returned to Sudan now. It was an interesting but exhausting time and gave me the chance to get a feeling for the refugees and the different backgrounds they are coming from. Some of them arrived in cars and are studying in college, but there were also ones in rags, with diseases and of course confusing family situations.

Refugees waiting to be verified

Refugees waiting to be verified

The next task assigned to us (that’s me and the guys who stayed in Rhino Camp for the last weeks, also) was to organize and get rid of old files, an extremely disgusting work considering the state the files were in. So it was a really satisfying moment to finally see the outdated or termite-destroyed files go off in smoke at the end…

Bonfire of Files...

Bonfire of Files...

I also experienced my first African sickness and was fearing I had caught malaria, but luckily that turned out to be a harmless climate-reaction, so I was up and well again after two days to attend a school feast at a girls’ boarding school in Arua town, where Henrike, another volunteer still to arrive, will help out in the IT-sector. It was amazing to see all these girls in their school uniform and feel the excitement and life in that place.

St. Mary's Girls performing a song

St. Mary's Girls performing a song

And finally, we shifted to our new house in Arua, a place a little more out of town but in a less closed-down neighbourhood. This is where we will stay for the rest of the year and where our successors might stay, too…

Lord of the Rings-style sunset

Lord of the Rings-style sunset

I joined Lars and Richard at the Arua office during the reast of the week, but I really was not able to do anything much, so mainly I watched the monkeys outside of the logistics office…



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