Eyo ngonia, Antje?

A Poem
December 8, 2009, 1:28 pm
Filed under: on my way

So Ugandan!

I am on a maiden visit to some remote township,

And round the last bend on ma way lies a construction site

It looks like a budding mall of sorts…

But is betrayed by a peculiar forecourt,

That’s when I begin to ask my guide…

It’s a Shell… he tells me, a ‘Shell’ for vehicles to do their refuelling here

It’s now that I take a close look at the spot

I can see a logo of a rival fuel company

It reads like ‘Engen’

But my guide insists it’s Shell.

Natural instinct soon comes to the fore, and the truth dawns on me…

I am welcome to the Pearl of Africa!

It’s only in Uganda that every petrol station is called Shell

And every toothpaste is called ‘Colgate’…

Change on transport fares and groceries is rather called ‘balance’

And beverage urns dubbed ‘empty’

The word ‘socks’ has no singular form

As is the case for chips

But gone are the days when every driver was called ‘pilot’,

And every president called Museveni,

Young Ugandans now know of Obama.

My village folks call him a Mukiga,

For it’s the name they give every black American,

But they are only being Ugandan!

Dan B. Atuhaire

-As found in SundayLIFE-

A 'Shell'...


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